How To Register Chardham Yatra Online

how to register chardham yatra online

How to register Chardham Yatra online Registering for the Char Dham Yatra online is a straightforward process. The Char Dham Yatra involves visiting the four holy shrines of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath in Uttarakhand, India. Here are the steps for how to register Chardham Yatra online: Visit the Official Website: Go to the official […]

How To Plan Kedarnath Badrinath Yatra in 2024 Full Guide

how to plan kedarnath badrinath yatra

The Kedarnath Badrinath Yatra is a famous pilgrimage in India, where people visit two holy temples in Uttarakhand. Here’s what you need to know: how to plan kedarnath badrinath yatra   How to Plan Kedarnath Badrinath Yatra (Overview) This pilgrimage is part of a more extensive journey called the Char Dham Yatra, which includes four […]

How to Plan Amarnath Yatra in 2024 Complete Guide

The Amarnath Yatra is a yearly pilgrimage to the Amarnath cave in Jammu and Kashmir, India. This cave is a sacred place for Hindus, as it is believed to be the home of Lord Shiva, one of the main gods in Hinduism. The cave is at a high altitude, nearly 3,888 meters (12,756 feet) up […]

Gagron Fort in Jhalawar Rajasthan | History | Timing

The Gagron Fort is the least-known castle in India. Experts say that it’s too detailed to have been built by humans. The architecture, with all its angles and loops, is a mystery. Experts further say that this portion of India has tectonic plates, which may have just shifted enough to form a more modern-looking castle. […]

how to plan kedarnath yatra

how to plan kedarnath yatra

If you’re planning to go on the Kedarnath trip, it’s smart to plan ahead to avoid last-minute issues. Previously, due to COVID-19, there was a limit of 800 visitors per day, but that has been lifted since October 2021. However, always check the guidelines when planning. how to plan Kedarnath yatra You can register for […]

Art and Craft of Arunachal Pradesh: A Journey Through Creativity and Culture

Arunachal Pradesh is the northeastern state of India and it is popularly known as Land of Dawn-lit-Mountains. It’s the only place in India to witness the first sunrise in the country. Numerous tribes and sub-tribes call Arunachal Pradesh their home. The art and craft of arunachal Pradesh created by these communities are a testament to […]

How to Travel to Vietnam from India 2024: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Travel to Vietnam from India

So, you’re all set to explore Vietnam from India? Awesome! Whether you’re craving a desi-style adventure in Hanoi or a chill-out session on Vietnam’s beaches, let be your desi travel buddy! Here’s a super easy guide to help you plan your trip with that Indian flair. Passport and Visa: First things first – make sure […]

Which is Better Shimla or Manali?

Which is Better Shimla or Manali Manali Manali is a beautiful town nestled in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, India. Here’s some simple information about Manali (Which is Better Shimla or Manali): Location: Manali is located in northern India, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, amidst the stunning Himalayas. Scenery: Manali is famous for its […]

Explore India’s Beauty with Best Tour Package Company in India

best tour package company in india

When it comes to planning a trip, finding the right tour company can make all the difference. The best tour package company in India is They make travel easy, fun, and unforgettable! Let’s explore why is the best tour company in India. Introduction: Makes Traveling Simple and Exciting Planning a trip can be […]

Top 6 Unexplored Places In Himachal

Himachal Pradesh, nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, is a popular destination for travelers seeking breathtaking landscapes and spiritual experiences. However, beyond its famous tourist spots lies a world of hidden gems waiting to be explored. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey to the unexplored places of Himachal Pradesh, […]

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