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Art and Craft of Arunachal Pradesh

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Arunachal Pradesh is the northeastern state of India and it is popularly known as Land of Dawn-lit-Mountains. It’s the only place in India to witness the first sunrise in the country. Numerous tribes and sub-tribes call Arunachal Pradesh their home. The art and craft of arunachal Pradesh created by these communities are a testament to the region’s long history of skilled craftsmanship. The Buddhist Monpas, Sherdukpen, Aka, Bugun, and others produce beautiful masks, carpets, and painted wooden utensils. Bags, hats, and jewellery are just some of the many items that the Bangis and Apatani create. The woodwork of the Khamtis and Wanchos is legendary. Women of the Dafla tribe are well-known for their pottery.

Uncovering the Rich Traditions and Techniques Behind the Art and Craft of Arunachal Pradesh

Bamboo and Cane

Bamboo and cane art and craft of Arunachal Pradesh has achieved so much success in the modernization era and come a long way from ancient to modern India.  Tribal community of Arunachal Pradesh has been mainly dependent on making items made of bamboo and cane. Cane and bamboo are employed to construct homes, baskets, fishing traps, suspension bridges, and even sacred artefacts. Jewellery such as calflets, leglets, and necklaces can also be crafted using baskets.

The natives of Arunachal Pradesh have put birch wood to many uses and the rhododendron root to good use in creating decorative home items.


art and craft of arunachal pradesh

Ornaments making is a popularly patricides art and craft of Arunachal Pradesh. Different kinds of beaded jewellry and other ornaments can be obtained all over Arunachal Pradesh, but they can be found especially well in the region’s Tirap district.

Making “grass necklaces” is a major industry in Tawang, West Kameng, and the Wangcho tribe of Tirap District. At the same time, the production of cast, bronze, and silver ornaments is limited to a few pockets in Lohit, Kameng, and Siang districts. Metals and other finished goods were often imported from Tibet in the past. This raw material is utilised mostly in producing a type of reed that flourishes from September to February in damp, marshy areas near streams and rivers. At maturity, the reed’s outer skin takes on a golden hue.

Tangkha painting

art and craft of arunachal pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is also famous for its traditional paintings, which are an important part of the state’s cultural heritage. These paintings are used to tell stories and to convey cultural messages, and they are often created using natural dyes and pigments. The traditional paintings of Arunachal Pradesh are made on cloth, bamboo, and other materials, and they are highly valued by collectors and art lovers. It is no surprise that Buddhist-dominated regions like Tawang, West Kameng Upper Siang Districts, and so on are also strongholds for the art form known as tangkha painting


Arunachal Pradesh

Rug production is highly concentrated in the Changlang and Upper Siang regions. The carpets of Arunachal Pradesh have received both national and international recognition. Items such as cushions, telephone pads, floor coverings, and wall hangings are manufactured and it is considered as one of the most famous art and craft of Arunachal Pradesh.

Arunachal Pradesh has a retail outlet available. As home to 20 major tribes and over a thousand smaller ones, India is known as the “House of Handloom Designs.” Items include skirts (Gale), shirts (Galuk), cotton shawls, side bags, curtains, and so forth. Based on factors such as quality, traditional value, motive, and design, prices can range from very cheap to very expensive.


The art and craft of Arunachal Pradesh are diverse and reflect the influence of different cultures, such as the Tibeto-Burman and the Indo-Aryan. One of the most popular forms of art in the state is the traditional textiles, which include shawls, dhotis, and skirts. These textiles are made from locally grown silk and are woven on handlooms, using intricate designs and patterns that are specific to each tribe.The Monpas of Arunachal Pradesh are Buddhists particularly skilled in weaving carpets. Girls in this culture learn to weave at a young age. This practice, too, has been handed down through the generations.

The most typical fibres for use in weaving are wool and cotton. Women bring out the beauty in these works by emphasizing the patterns and bright colors. Beautiful carpets can be made by weaving intricate designs like dragons, floral patterns, and geometric forms in bright colors. These carpets are a priceless national treasure since they reflect an ancient and undeveloped form of artistic expression. Tourists’ hearts and minds are captured by the exquisite design of these rugs. Since there is a wide range of rug sizes available, tourists can treat themselves by purchasing a one-of-a-kind work of art.


Arunachal Pradesh is a unique state due to the prevalence of indigenous religions and the exceptional beauty of its landscape. Art and craft of Arunachal Pradesh is among the most successful in the country. Because of their historical significance and artistic value, these works constitute an important part of the state’s cultural heritage—the vibrant paintings of Arunachal Pradesh appeal to a wide range of tourists. Among the region’s many artistic creations, you will surely find some wonderful Arunachal Pradesh souvenirs.


Which art form does Arunachal Pradesh specialize in?

A woodcarving is an art form with deep roots among the Monpas of Arunachal Pradesh. The Tribes’ primary subject matter is the depiction of traditional wooden figures. Wood is the primary raw material. The Monpas have long been revered as masters of mask carving, and their creations are used in ceremonies and play worldwide.

Among the peoples of Arunachal Pradesh, which one is renowned for its woodwork?

Wood carving is a traditional art form for the Wancho people of Arunachal Pradesh.

What are some of Arunachal Pradesh’s most well-known handicrafts?

It is home to numerous indigenous communities, all of which produce a wide variety of arts and crafts, including carved wooden objects, woven carpets, and intricate works of bamboo caning. Many people in the districts of Tirap, Upper and West Siang, Lohit, and Tawang enjoy creating beautiful works of art out of wood.

Arunachal Pradesh is known for its beautiful jewellery, but what exactly does that consist of?

Traditional jewellery in Arunachal Pradesh is made from a wide variety of materials, such as beads, glass beads, coloured bird feathers, and green beetle wings. In the Akas culture, bamboo creates jewellery such as bangles and earrings.









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