Festivals and Events in Nainital

Nainital, a charming hill station in Uttarakhand, India, is renowned for its vibrant festivals and events that reflect the region’s rich cultural heritage. Here are some of the key festivals and events celebrated in Nainital:

Nanda Devi Fair

  • Time of Year: September
  • Description: The Nanda Devi Fair is one of Nainital’s most significant celebrations, honouring Goddess Nanda Devi. The fair features colourful processions, traditional music and dance performances, and displays of local crafts.

Autumn Festival

  • Time of Year: October/November
  • Description: Organized by the Nainital District Administration, the Autumn Festival showcases the region’s vibrant culture through cultural programs, sports competitions, and various entertainment activities.

Summer Festival

  • Time of Year: May/June
  • Description: Marking the start of the tourist season, the Summer Festival includes cultural performances, local food stalls, and numerous recreational activities, providing entertainment for locals and visitors.


  • Time of Year: October
  • Description: Celebrating the arrival of autumn, Sharadotsav features folk dances, music performances, and traditional art exhibitions, highlighting the cultural richness of Nainital.

Christmas and New Year Celebrations

  • Time of Year: December
  • Description: Reflecting Nainital’s colonial history, Christmas and New Year are celebrated enthusiastically. The town is beautifully decorated, and hotels and resorts host various events and parties.


  • Time of Year: March
  • Description: The festival of colours, Holi, is celebrated with traditional fervour in Nainital. Both locals and tourists participate in playing with colours and enjoying festive foods.

Uttarayani Fair

  • Time of Year: January
  • Description: Held during Makar Sankranti, the Uttarayani Fair features local crafts, traditional food, and cultural performances, celebrating the harvest season.

Kumaon Festival

  • Time of Year: Varies
  • Description: This festival celebrates the culture of the Kumaon region, with folk dances, music, handicrafts, and local cuisine, offering a glimpse into the area’s traditions.

Harela Festival

  • Time of Year: July
  • Description: Harela marks the onset of the rainy season and involves planting saplings and performing rituals for a good harvest. It is a traditional festival celebrated primarily in the Kumaon region.

These festivals and events highlight Nainital’s cultural richness and provide an excellent opportunity for tourists to immerse themselves in local traditions and festivities.

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